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No word is an island. Word’s rely on one another and by doing so they produce context. It is through understanding the necessity of context we can comprehend the way to higher standards of on-page semantic optimisation

If we know more about something we can always write far more accurately about it. Semantic understanding is all about an expansion of terms that enriches the established entities within an authority site.

In a recent analysis of one of Google’s patents, known as the Hummingbird patent we see that adjacent context is being ranked along with floating context and synonyms.

Many words have multiple contexts so it is through analysing the words that surround them that we can give them their appropriate context. This also allows us to play with context much like a comedian does.

Google’s new RankBrain algorithm takes this a step further by heuristically analysing these patterns in regard to a completely new subject

Rich Snippet Enhancement

Another major factor that has appeared over the past 2 years is the isolation of semantic entities. Even though these are primarily used in schema tags and RDF, CISE provides a method to isolating the entities in your site or the sites of your competitors

CISE analyses the text and SEO tagging and extracts those entities making them ready to use and expand as required within your on-page SEO optimization but it doesn’t stop there it connects other relevant entities together much like a matrix of interconnectivity

Our Post Analysis an Page Analysis packages reveals the conceptual emphasis of your marketing. They also provide an instant ontology and sentient analysis at a glance. The algorithms are being continually honed through a deep learning process through the analysis of natural language patterns.

Instant Ontologies

At last a semantically based keyword tool

CISE fills the huge void between frequency-based keyword tools and in-depth semantic analysis that allows you to quickly increase the semantic density in your content. This allows for concise long content that is easily digested.

We have honed these tools over a 4 year period through beta testing these tools with local developers after the initial data research stage was completed in 2011.

We then took the tool to the international stage in 2014 after the local results proved too compelling to deny. The app has been through several revisions and testing sequence prior to our current release CISE 2.0

The original product was a proof-of-concept search tool that utilised a small smart data set we have now taken the technology to a new level where it can NutraCISE huge data into a compact easily used silo structure

Instant Ontologies

Our new CISE 2.0 tool is an all inclusive tool that sorts unstructured data into a neatly layered structured terms and concepts. The CISE Site Analysis tool is a prime example of the benefits of this new technology. For instance, it can reveal an incorrect weighting of terms along with any missing concepts when compared with your competitors sites.

The premium product provides an even stronger option by allowing your research data to be sorted neatly into a conceptual silo structure. We recommend that you put as much work as possible into researching your data and in most cases it’s just a case of cutting n’ pasting relevant industry terms and authority content into a document so we can CISE it accordingly.

The new SEO really works

There are many articles and proofs of the value of semantic SEO optimisation but none more compelling than these long-term ranking results from our New Zealand distributor

We also offer a full consultancy and training option which allows us to lead you through the process if required.

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